The Paper-beads Project
Paper Beads

John Mary showing off his paper-beads

Have Fun While Making a Difference in the World
You can help the Agape Community Centre Program increase their funds by hosting your own Bead Party to sell their wonderful paper beads and craft creations.  You can also hold beads /Bracelets events at your workplace, school, church, or club.


Beads and Bracelets Party Sales Make a Tremendous Difference
Every item sold here can save and change a Life through Agape Community Centre Programs. One bead/bracelet party often generates funds that take care of Orphaned, abandoned, vulnalable of Agape House Kids that we rescue everyday from different country. This helps us to raise funds for buying more Mosquitoes’ Nets that Prevents the Spread of Malaria, In Uganda Malaria reports 320 people die every day and mostly these are children 14years of Age, says the Report. It helps women in our communities, to send their children to school, to feed their families every day, to buy needed medicines, and even to start their own businesses.
Simple and Easy to Host!
Hosting a bead benefit party for the women is very easy and extremely rewarding. There is no cost to you to host a party. We suggest inviting 20 to 30 people you know to the party. This can be neighbors, co-workers, friends, people from church or school, or relatives. We will supply you with everything you need as a party hostess:

  •   Lots of colorful bead necklaces, bracelets and earrings
  •   Simple instruction form and sales summary form
  •   Sample invitation form draft which you can print from your computer
  •   Information about Ugandan Communities     brochures/Newsletter
  •   Our Organization information
  •   Pictures of Agape House Kids, and inspiring letters from them
  •   Three Ugandan recipes
  •   A 10mins Promotional Video

Contact Us Today—You Can Make a Difference!
Bead/Bracelet benefit parties can easily be held in the U.S. or Canada. October and November are ideal times to host a party because our necklaces are quite popular for holiday gift giving. We ideally need at least a 2 week lead time to help insure that the bead jewelry arrives in time for your party and that your invitees have enough notice about the party. We will need your security/referee information in order to secure the necklace shipment until you have returned to us your necklace sales proceeds and any unsold necklaces within 2 weeks after your party date.

Contact Us
It’s easy! Just call or email us to reserve a date for your bead benefit party. We’ll help walk you through the entire process from there! Contact Joseph Roberts-Agape Uganda