Christmas is around the globe, at least one child is crying who needs help, may be he/she has lost one/both his parents in wars, AIDS epidemic or natural hazards.
Children are always victims any situation that intends to kill them, they are vulnerable in the world but God protects them through hands of men.
Jesus Christ when He was still a child he faced the same situations, children of this world they are facing today. As the all world celebrates Christmas festive season around with feasting on good meals, putting on new loyal garments in a conducive environment.
Celebrating the birthday of the great king; that was born unto the world over 2000 years ago. History tells us in the word of God that, Jesus Christ on His birthday, His birth place was a kraal, He saw as a baby in a kraal cows and sheep singing unto Him hosanna birthday hymns.
He was born in a kraal, sharing the same shelter with cattle on His first Birthday; He was hunted king Herod military brigade to be killed. God protected Him through hands of Mary & Joseph. Ugandan children are looking unto you at this Christmas for your protection through feeding them, Shelter, clothing, Good Education that will give them a happy bright future.
This Christmas season we are doing our best to the climax of our potential to bring healing to Northern children of Uganda, to help them to join other children of the part of the world as they celebrate Christmas with them.
For over 15 years the children of the Northern Ugandan have been living in war, their houses were burnt by the rebels, properties stolen, nothing to rely on. They have been living in camps. Many of this children they parents were abducted, killed by rebels others were raped by the infected rebels now have AIDS, and many have died by AIDS, their hearts bleeding of the fresh wounds in their lives because of what has happened to them in the past years. It will take your giving & support this project for the healing of these children that once they will not just be happy but will have the unspeakable joy after will have ministered unto them with your gifts you have given them.

There many challenges and at tribulations ahead of us, we need fervent prayers, a word of encouragement and devotions from someone like you (a family, ministry, organization)
Please do not hesitate to pass on the information to all who have contribution towards Agape, it may be a seed of any kind, a financial donations, praying for us/the word of encouragement x-mas children gifts, rendering to come with us to Northern Uganda to help give and distribute the gifts children.
I pray that you are going to be involved as a partner in the shaping the promising future by demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ on this year Christmas season this year. This will open us door that turns dreams into realities in Agape projects. Thank you for love and support towards Agape Community centre program, Uganda with the Grace of God we shall endure unto the end.