Vicent was born twin with his twin Brother Kato, after they were three and half weeks their father left the mother alone with the kids….went to another womans home,and after aweek also the mother also left the one month old babies alone in the house with out telling anyone….abandoned to die….neighbours discovered it after some days
Baby Vincent holding one of his paintings.

Baby Vincent

Baby Vincent holding one of his paintings.

alone there….no food and messed up….called the village elders and also elders called their father…..but when the came,picked them and took them to the old lady in the village….no much support….

After sometimes when i had just come back from usa……some one was requesting me to help these kids….but i didnt have beds,mattresses and other beddings…i told them to wait as i collect for funds

But as i was sleeping on my bed….God woke me to take the twins up and when i had gone to pick two… had died but also this one was too skinny with bones…and couldnt speak nor stand,too weak inhis body… i picked vicent

thats vicent`s  story