As the world celebrates the chrismas festive season around the world with the shopping of the new items,gifts and feasting on delicancies .stop and think onthis.

For over 20 years the chidren of northern uganda have birthed and raised in an instability enviroment,a rebel war intheir land,that which used to be their homes we`re burnt by the rebels,their properties we`re looted/stolen,nothing to rely on ;ever since they have been living in camps.

Some of the children we`re born after an abduction of their parents by the rebels,some have been taumatized of the past seeing their parents being raped at their face,infected bythe HIV,AIDS epidemic and there is a high spread of the epidemic in the camps.

Cebrating the bithday of the great king that was born unto the world over 2000years ago.History tells us in the books of the bible that;Jesus Christ on His bithday,his birth place was the kraal,he shared sherter with cattle singing unto him birthday hymns.

He was hunted by king herod military brigade to be killed,God protected Him through the hands of mary and joseph,they took him to exile to egypt.

This chrismas festive season we are doing our best to the climax of our pontential to bring healing to the northern children,to help them join other children of the world to celebrates chrismas

Their hearts are bleeding of the fresh wounds of what happened to them in the past,it will take your giving and support to this celebration for the healing of these children.

That once they will not just be happy but wil have the unspeakable joy flowing out of their hearts.