All Winners Sports Academy

Sports brings the community together, so we want to develop and encourage the surrounding communities by giving these children an opportunity to participate in various activities, This Program was set up as a way to of letting the children in our slums, Rural areas where we do operate as Agape Community Centre Program, Its after school Program and School Holiday Program, We are using the Sports to bring children in discipleship and mentor ship.

Many Families in Uganda do not have a chance for their children to go out and play football or any other other organized sports due to the lack of soccer balls, nets and other sports equipment which violets the fundamental rights of a child

All Winners sports Academy Outreach Program, provides a range of activities for the children to participate in, different activities such as football,volleyballs,badminton,tennis, and netball can be organized on a regular basis and teams established. It is a great way to build up a child`s team spirit and personal confidence, and matches are organized with other local teams. In school holidays we always have children from our slum program from 80 kids to the above and in rural outreaches the number is always to big….200 kids to the above

Volunteers are Encouraged to come and help in the coaching and organizational of all these sports,If you would like to start up another sports club then we would only encourage this and help us in any way.