Welcome to the Agape Community Centre Program

Agape Community Centre Program is the community Christian recognized organization situated in the Maddu-Gomba, Mpigi District central region of Uganda, where it has its headquarters, having its principle office in Kampala, capital city of Uganda. Agape Community Centre Program has stepped over the line and the decision has been made to bring love, joy and hope to the Ugandan communities that are around us with the demonstration of “Gods Love” Agape, to the multitudes.

What’s Ahead of Us
There are many challenges and tribulations ahead of us, we need fervent prayers, a word of encouragement and devotions from someone like you (a family, ministry, or an organization).
For a couple of years, the communities of Uganda have been devastated spiritually, socially, emotionally and economically. Through AIDS, through wars, famine and drought, poor sanitation and poor water supplies. Natural hazards like change of weather that leave people with a scourge of diseases i.e. cholera, bilharzias and malaria, and also AIDS that has left homes without parents and children without parents, hence then they are homeless and long term suffering of Rebel war.
Whereas, this is the same problem faced by people in the Northern region, because of long term war that has taken more than 20 years within the region, which has made the condition of the area unworthy for the living. It has affected much, leaving parents crying for their children’s lives and children crying for their parent’s lives. All their houses were burnt down by the rebels in their land, and many fear to stay at the villages because of insecurity in the land so the Government has been keeping them in Camps for protection of their lives from the rebels for over 15 years of an ending war in their land. Homes left homeless, many children have not received education because of long-term wars in the region, which has caused illiteracy, and ignorance in the land. War is the disaster for the region that bought poverty in the land that has left people in the scourge of AIDS killing people in massive numbers. Uganda was once ranked in the whole world as of the Countries most affected by AIDS epidemic.